Roll With Inspiration

A roleplaying advice podcast

Hail and well met, fellow Storytellers!

Welcome to Roll With Inspiration, an RPG advice podcast for game masters and players alike.
Featuring your friendly neighborhood DM Rick Blatz, and Mariah Lamour, a PC in the vast majority of Rick's adventures (including life--we're married!).

Our games are different. Whether you're new to DM-ing or an old pro, we're here to offer you practical insights and useful examples on how to proactively collaborate with your players to create amazing tales the whole party will enjoy.

In each episode, we discuss a specific element of gameplay or design. We use examples from our own experiences, reference elements of storycraft present in books and other popular media, and bring together insightful tips from multiple game systems that can be applied to any adventure.

It's not all academia, though. Get a taste of our role-playing style through silly improv segments, clips from actual-play sessions, and finish out the episode with the oft-but-one-sentence notes that Rick uses to guide himself (and the rest of us) through each of our games.

We're excited to have you with us, telling great stories together.

See you next session!