About Us

Rick Blatz

The resident pseudo-expert on running RPGs. Over a decade of experience both running and playing in RPGs spanning numerous systems that include both live-action and tabletop.

By day, Rick is a mild-mannered IT guy. In his off hours, he has tried his hand at numerous things such as writing, armored combat, and 3D printing. His online alias for all kinds of things including Facebook and Instagram is AKnightOut.

The quiet but ever present commentator and co-host. Mariah has spent much of her free time playing in games run by Rick as well as joining him in other endeavors such as Live-Action Roleplay (LARP).

Mariah spends her days pursuing an ever-growing list of creative endeavors, including writing and costume-making.

She has another podcast about autism and other spectral experiences over at SpectralPod.com.